The Madpirate and his trusty crew of wave devouring mates were last seen paddling out at a semi protected left for their first Samoan wave fest and a great hunting was had by all , all captured thru the lens of our intrepid cameraman John VonG ,  many waves were plundered as the crew started feeling out the reef , and indeed it was good..

With tired arms and joyous souls we headed back to land , where a shower , a playful swim in the pool and a short jog back to the room (Fale Pale) for  beers and warm showers , were followed by the intrepid crew,  now awake for about 26 hours , heading off to the open air Coconut restaurant for sustenance in the form of solids and the newly discovered Vailima Pure beer , which is truly a thing of beauty , a silky Pilsener done in German style , this was followed by a quick acclimatisation to the local beer choices and The MadPirate and John VonG were immediately immersed in the serious task of taste testing their way through through Vailima Pure , Vailima Lager , and Taula , after a second and third opinion the decision was that Vailima Pure would be the beer of choice , closely followed by Taula , and the mission was on to hunt down and devour the Legendary Super Strength 7.5% Vailima Special Export Beer…… Thereafter Crew retired to the Fale to regather and catch up on some missing sleep , as early morning surf attacks were on the pre breakfast menu .

John VonG , Intrepid Wave Hunter , Enthusiastic Beer Tester , and Peerless Picci Taker by Day..


and VonG’s After Dark alter Ego



Madpirate slipped into a blissful slumber and remained that way for a few hours , until ………

The roof rattled , the walls shook , mosquito’s were vaporised and the Gekko’s exited the Fale in fear for their lives , the MadPirates bed started trembling and wobbling ,  an indescribably horrific  snarking noise rent the air asunder , terror , anguish and confusion were the order of the day…….
The Madpirate shot bolt upright ,  Volcano ?  Earthquake ?  Cyclone swell assaulting the Resort? What manner of horror is this?.
As awareness took over from The Madpirate’s instinct to run naked and screaming into the bush , it became apparent that the wall of sound and vibration was emanating from the face of John VonG , O’ the horror , Madpirate was bunking with a beast who snores like a pair of chainsaws in a death match cage fight.
After some experimentation , The Madpirate  discovered that  shoving a T shirt into that open maw with its hideously vibrating epiglottis would cause its owner to roll over and cease being the sound track from the disaster movie 2012.

Morning mercifully arrived , and a semi concious Madpirate espied the ever wave hungry, bomb set charging, Paul , off for the pre sunrise meeting with Neil to plot the days adventures.

Paul Charging


Thanks to Neil and Paul’s stirling efforts, these early missions were the saviour of the trip as our crew were on the waves an hour or so  before any other surfers arrived , we were almost always the only ones in the water during the best times.

Day two and the surf was a massive windblown maelstrom of onshore windblown horror , the decision was made to travel to the other side of the island to sample a sweet little righthander , our first daylight drive , undertaken in Island style , gently weaving around and past pedestrians , canines and slow moving vehicles , we drove past Apia and headed off to our second destination.

A sweet tucked away bay where the Pirate crew went to play (John VonG cameraman extraordinaire)


A sweet tucked away bay where the Pirate crew went to play (Local Hangout)



A sweet tucked away bay where the Pirate crew went to play (Jayce)


A sweet tucked away bay where the Pirate crew went to play (Madpirate)

A sweet tucked away bay where the Pirate crew went to play (Paul)

A sweet tucked away bay where the Pirate crew went to play (John N)

After a fun session of lip bashing  , dodging inside shallow shelves and having a fun surf with the Locals , we boarded the Neil Express back to Coconuts and stopped on the way to buy some vittles, ARRRR , the scurvy mob hit the shops like wild beasts and exited with shop sacks full of booty consisting of , Long Bottle Vailima Pure beers , some of the sweetest tastiest Chelsea buns the Madpirate has ever gnawed on ,  biscuits , milk , and usual day people food etc , unsurprisingly the buns were devoured before the camera could get pulled out , and on our merry way we went back to Coconuts .
The unending quest for beers continued and The Madpirate and crew invaded the neighbouring water hole,  Lupes,  in our daily mission to sample more cold beers ,  where we sallied forth and imbibed copious amounts of Vailima lagers , enjoying the casual rustic outside seating set-up ,  until a flash rain storm chased the crew under shelter , this had nothing to do with the rain,  our major concern was avoiding watered down beer.. Nary a Pirate would tolerate a watered down beer and we would not be the exception…  ……. ……..   (it must be mentioned that two locals, who were at an adjoining table did not move an inch, in fact they seemed oblivious to the sudden downpour )

Lupes Bar Before the Deluge



——/ more to come as we explore more waves , beers and cultural events in part 3