Part 3

And so it was that the Pirate crew continued imbibing many more of Samoa’s finest brews , whilst contemplating the day, the islands , ll the while breathing in huge dollops of much needed relaxation , and , as it does , the sun set over the MadPirates right shoulder , painting the entire sky in rich golden streaks , all shot through with bright gold hued streaky sparklets and an ominous dark muted gold shadowcloud, the crew were all aglow in this  breathtakingly awesome sunset , and just sat in silence and awe , each reflecting in their own manner and  silently sipping on their beers….

 Stunning Sunset

We returned to Coconuts to enjoy our dinner and the gentle company of one of the largest humans the Madpirate has ever met , Albert , the epitome of the gentle giant , friendly and full of wisdom and knowledge of the island and it’s inhabitants, great times were had with the crew drinking beer and enjoying the tales of Samoa at the Cocos bar…

 Albert and Leea who plied us with many beers and cocktails


Next morning was back to the other side as conditions were still sketchy , however we had a treat in store , due to the size of the swell and the wind tapping down a bit , we were able to sample Boulders , a challenging draining left hander that breaks on coral platforms in front of a lava wall replete with pipe caves. The journey into Boulders was equally challenging,  as the road was a 2 wheel track with sections where the doors were on the water line, crew were hoping that  the doors wouldnt leak nor the vehicle suffer a drowning break down.  We arrived at this most beautiful point and its not so friendly mosquito population ….

 The long paddle across the bay to Boulders


Paul was into it and charging the sets ,  with the Madpirate a bit more select, John N was also selectively picking his rides and the 4th Pirate JohnVonG was manning the camera , however he soon found himself in a death match with the local mosquito population , these are particularly vicious Mozzies , intent it seems , on draining every millilitre of blood out of any unfortunate blood owning creature  which happens into their territory .

ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it were here that the Madpirate felt the first bite of coral reef,  after two turns Madpirate found himself stuck behind a section, with no way out the back and no way to straighten out as the coral heads were exposed and just behind them, the lava wall with its scarred face and jagged lava pipe caves lay waiting for manflesh.
Madpirate with heart in mouth and filled with dread had no option but to leap into a gap between the coral platforms and hope not to lose too much bark, fortunately a thickly padded inflatable vest and rubber suf booties took the brunt of the coral that the Madpirate briefly made contact with , before immediately floating / kicking off and paddling in relieved terror for the channel, 3 nicks and a scraped ankle were the only signs of one of the Madpirates luckiest escapes….

The wind started up a bit and we came in as the next unfortunate crew were arriving, during another fierce battle with the blood sucking mosquitos we packed up and headed  back , passing safely through the flooded road section on our way back to Coconuts in search of beer and sustenance .

 Deep enough to cover the grass in the middle of the track


Madpirate and JohnVonG were heard lamenting the fact that the roadside shops were in siesta land and the ever elusive dreaded Vailima Special export had escaped their thirsty maws yet again ..

……………../// one more to go