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Welcome to Our Shop

  • Madpirate Surftoys - Hi Performance surfboards for Big Boys
  • Robotcam - Soloshot Robotic cameraman , only the best
  • Madpirate Clothing - T's etc
  • Temporary tattoos - Luxury metallic Temporary tattoos

Set your surfing alight with our fully modular specifically designed for paddle in surfing Pyrofoil system

Presently under Product Development the system is expected to be ready for market by late October.


  • Fully Modular with interchangeable Foils and Fuselages
    Designed using Cutting Edge ANSYS  *CFD Analysis
    to design Customised foils for Beginner Intermediate and Pro level Foilers.
  • 2 Fuselage lengths (longer for beginners shorters for Hi Performance
  • 3 Wing sizes and 2 shapes to provide steady and stable lift characteristics for Foilers
    Up to 60KG      UP to 85 KG     UP to 110KG
  • Larger wings can be used for extra lift in small weak surf ,
  • Smaller wings can be used for bigger surf and Hi Performance*Ccomputational Fluid Dynamics on ANSYS Workbench)