Sunday  , a fell wind from the devil quarters (north east) has turned the surf to the consistency of burger mince and overly runny mashed potato , Madpirate spends a few hours working on the endless list of things that need to be caught up on , the day drags on , surf less ,  the Madpirate starts to feel the ttttttwinges of stircrazyness flashing behind his now repaired eyeballs.

A lurch to the garage/gym and a short dumbbell combination workout just does not do the trick , the Madpirate needs to venture out into the hostile winds of an otherwise fairly decent day , ever thankful that a midwinter’s day on the Gold Coast is much like a good summer’s day in many parts of the world.

Madpirate pops on his trusty NB walkers and on leaving the house is aware of the absence of The Rat Queen , his 2.5kg dogaletta , who is vacationing on the Sunshine Coast . Madpirate has this crazed idea , what about a Pokemon Go experiment for walkies company. And so it was Madpirate took the first dreaded step to what seems likely to be a harrowing and addictive habit , yes Madpirate downloaded and installed Pokemon Go…
The Dogaletta

And so it came to be that in the absence of a tiny furry creature the Madpirate was lured into the mindbending world of hunting tiny imaginary creatures. And as it happened , the stretch of beach promenade from Kirra Beach ( the Madpirates land base and rum /surfcraft depository ) and Coolangatta is a very rich area for hunting these Pokemon creatures,

Monuments and places of interest abound , and with them Pokestops , Pokegyms and a plethora of winged , footed and finned Pokemons to collect.

The beachfront promenade was a mass of families and children all out enjoying this fantastic day , BBQ’s and snacks , bicycles , scooters , skateboards and wiggle go-carts , soccer balls , cricket , footy games all being enjoyed by the twittering masses , whilst insidiously ,  walking silently amongst them , faces glued to their mobiles screens, the PokeZombi army lurches and swerves in random patterns in search of their prey. Stopping in rictus and turning on the spot is then followed by  finger flicking pokeballs at various Rattata , Goldeen , Pidgeys, Krabby’s , Zubats , Venonats , Tentacools , Poliwags , Psyducks and all manner of other poke creatures , there is also the ritual of screen swiping to get the spinning disks at monuments (Pokestops) to collect Go Balls , potions , incubators and eggs , along pulling up at Poke Gyms along the way to see if a battle is in order.

(Psyduck  and Rattatta  Pictured)

Misty_Psyduck_animeCasey_RattataMadpirate has inadvertently stumbled upon an entire universe , filled with creatures and tasks , a holistic wonderworld that is both intensely technology submersive and outdoors interactive , its a mind bending concept full of wonder and inquisitiveness , and of course well rounded off with a fair dose of insatiable rapacity . The upside to this was of course a 4km walk , during which time a total of 40 out of 250 Pokemon were collected , along with 5 out of 9 eggs whilst a level of 5 was achieved. Of course there shall be much more walking , as Madpirate has 5 eggs to hatch and 2 of then need 10km travel each before doing so …..

Madpirate now understands a large part of the Pokemon attraction , like a kind of mystical heroin , that first Pokemon capture is a total rush and then the deep gut churning need for more ,more , more, more, begins, having been there , the horrid truth remains , there can never be only one Pokemon 🙂

A most unexpected day , with the mostly unthinkable conversion of the Madpirate from sneering Pokemon despiser to somewhat self conscious Pokemon aficionado.