Madpirate has been slogging away with the land people for many many years , working and earning a crust , after much time and effort and extraordinary ducks, dives, weaves , bobs and copping uppercuts and rabbit punches the Madpirate finally received his Ozzi passport and has been plotting these last 5 months to use it. It came to pass that the chance to hit the reefs of Samoa became possible again, and , having missed out on a few such journeys previously the Madpirate grabbed the chance with eagerness . Air tickets and accommodations booked at the peerless Coconuts Resort all systems were go , and Madpirate and crew went hunting relaxation , waves and of course beer ..


John , Paul , Madpirate , JohnVon — Co conspirators , Bananas and Vailima Pure Beer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Crew assembled from all directions at Casa Paul , where beers were sampled , bags packed and weighed , pool games won and lost , and anxious eyes were cast on the impending cyclonic activity wreaking havoc on Vanuatu . Then  off to airport and onto our direct flight to Apia, Samoa , all good and a few beers sampled aloft followed by the  gut churning , spine compressing thump and lift-bump finale , as the pilot dropped the bird on the tar like a sack of rubber bricks , maybe he thought he was 10 feet higher , who knows? all The Madpirate knows is that was a  kerthumpin landing .

We emerged into the darkness of an early Samoa morning , and were smashed by the heat , warm, icky sticky heat that clings to ones body like syrup , and causes one to leak a litre a second through the skin. A mild relief was the fact that there was a soft drizzle of bath temperature rain , we walked on through to  Customs and out to the car park for our Mini Van ride to Coconuts .
Ah the freedom of a cruisy drive , any side of the road being fair game , all the while dodging slow vehicles , pedestrians and packs of feral canines… Thats life as it should be , no govt tax collection agents dressed up as police making life an enforced misery , just easy going cruising with respect and awareness of all other road users ..

Coconuts Resort

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe crew arrived at the hotel, still dark and connected with Neil our erstwhile surf guide, after dropping gear the rush was on to fit fins and get sorted for our first surf — Wind was a bit cross-shore and the surf was lumpy , however much ampedness and frothery was evident as we hit a quick shower and charged off into the twilight to do battle with Huey’s army of salty lumps.

Cool lava Rock Waterfall Shower


Madpirate stumpled down to waters edge as the sky was pinking , and espied the trusty wave seeking craft our Surf guide Neil (Manoa Tours) uses to get crew to the waves.
We headed off into a brisk and bumpy wind swell on our way to the semi protected left down the way, the boat had hardly been clipped onto the channel bouy when Paul , with all the frothiness of a grommet crossed with a whippet was overboard and vanishing into the line-up 🙂 Closely followed by Jayce and the Madpirate with John N a close third , Madpirate’s first taste of Samoa was at hand..

Our trusty wave hunting craft



Madpirate was a bit cautious feeling his way through a few smaller waves and feeding closer to the shoulder , as time went on though, and confidence was building, the Madpirate , took his trusty WaveKilla deeper into the lineup and hunted a few mid sized sets , ah the power and pleasure of a good deep back hand bottom turn and under the lip slash

Bottom Turn

b Migaloo bottom turn b

Animated Slash Gif
Cutback Ani


…………………/ to be continued , with tales of beers , waves , beers , waves and did I mention beer ?