After his last unfortunate encounter with a scalpel , a hospital , a bucketful of Morphine and one totally FUBAR’ed gall bladder, the Madpirate now relatively fit , borderline healthy and frothing like a ton of Eno’s , began the ardous task of putting together a crew to pillage the Mentawais. There was one trip open on the Pelagic and Madpirate was still in possession of a set of air tickets still looking for an adventure in the face of a rapidly approaching expiry date.

As it happened the timing of the available trip was a bit suspect , with Christmas putting a spanner in the Madpirate’s plan to sail the Mentawai seas with a crew of close mates , however all was not lost , as another booking took the slot and had a vacancy , this  resulted in the Madpirate heading off alone to meet with a crew of yet to be met Bru’s and Bru-ettes for another Mad Mentawai bash fest. Needless to say the  Madpirate was all afroth to sample and enjoy what the Mentawais had to offer this December of 2015…

And so it came to pass that even the Flight days would not co-operate , with the Madpirate subsequently ending up overnight at the Tune hotel in Kuala Lumpur and another overnight in Padang at the excellent Mercure hotel. The enforced rest break was , however , most appreciated , as the Madpirate has had a pretty full on time at the pickle factory these last few months.

Madpirate was seriously looking forward to some really fun surf , long range swell maps were looking good offering conditions with swell ranging from 2-5 to 4-6 foot for the majority of the time. A good chance to the tick Telescopes , HT’s and a few others missed previously off the bucket list..

The Buccaneers.
The rest of the party duly arrived , and were deposited at the Mercure , there were a few hours to burn , and thus it came to pass some Bintangs fell victim as we chatted and got to know each other. The crew on this wave pillaging mission consisted of the afore mentioned Madpirate , the Hendos , (Rob , Max, Charlie and Georgia) , the Seagulls (Beau and Jamie) , the Energiser Bunny (Sasha) and our tour guide Luke Woods, a truly happy crew all frothing to do some serious surf plunder .

An hour or two before pickup time the skies opened up and dropped serious bucket loads of rain , so serious in fact , that the roads in Padang were flooded , scooters were footplate and worse deep in water , despite the deluge , the usual pandemonious traffic of Padang continued as normal , cars , busses , mini taxi’s trucks , motorbikes , scooters and pedestrians all vying for every millimetre of space , a cacophony of hooters hooting amid various vehicular bow waves ,  all superbly controlled by some apparent yet unseen hive mind Queen.

There were more than a few occasions when Sasha almost had a conniption as we were probably a raindrop away from vehicles in front, behind and next to us.

padang streets

A bit of a wet road

A wet and rainy load onto the Pelagic was followed by a fairly rough crossing , with aircons going out and a few thunderous side on swell bitch-slaps  eventually we anchored in the stills near Burgerworld and some peaceful sleep was possible as one no longer had to brace to stay in bed.


Burger World ; we up anchored just before sunrise and a short while later dropped anchor again , Madpirate went up at the first anchor , started his coffee and toast and Lo and behold in the vague light of an almost unbroken dawn , the distinct backdrop of Burgerworld began to emerge in all its splendour , with an overhead set thundering through , Madpirate and Sasha , the only two awake at that point went into a froth frenzy , and started gearing up.


Madpirate Mincing some Burger

Madpirate ate a hurried brekki while Sasha went off to fetch Georgia , and so it was , not long after , the 3 of us were hitting the lineup at Burgers at sunrise , what followed was 3 sessions of truly awesome Burgers , overhead sets and head high inside drainers , all day long with only 8 of us to share Huey’s treasure , truly a splendiferous start to what looks to be an Epic adventure. Madpirate happily reports that his virgin sleds were perfect , fast and direct , chucking buckets out the back.

After having surfed our brains out at Burgers , from sunrise to sunset , with recharge breaks , it was dinner time , war stories , lime juice and spray on bandage were liberally applied to the wounded , amid shrieks and gasps of pain , the wounds were sterilised  and it was Bintang time and a chance look at the days footage ,

Sasha , Pirate Tattoos , Wounds patched and endless smile attached , ready to smash Burgers

Sasha , Pirate Tattoos Applied, Wounds patched and endless smile attached , ready to smash Burgers

Many of the crew fell foul of the shallow inner reef at Burger World , causing Madpirate to consider if the  inflicted wounds resemblance to burger meat after a good reef scrape is one of the reasons this most fun and mechanical right hander is named thusly.

Burgers Still going off , crew were now well into the feel of the wave and were ripping into the head to overhead shredwalls . madpirate pulled out his trusty 4 Way Fin key and did a bit of a tweak , which improved the action of his new sled and it was indeed very good–

Madpirate playtime

Madpirate playtime

Human Batteries flat after a full day at Burgers

Human Batteries flat after a full day at Burgers


With a couple of crew off the Mahogany in the water on their last day we decided to go and investigate NiPussi had a fun little surf before returning to Burgers to continue the wave slaughter

Jamie Owning NiPussi

Jamie Owning NiPussi

BURGERS still going off and being hammered by the crew , we surfed from sunrise to sunset , taking a break for meals and some refreshing Pocari Sweat , Madpirate plundered the occaisonal Bintang and proceeded to surf it off Piratestyle. The rest of the crew were into it as well and fins and rails were flashing in the sunlight , fresh wounds were duct taped and spray bandaged and faces were aching from the prolonged application of beatific smiles.


Max tube grinning at Georgia grinning at Max

crop beauIMG_5291

Beau shredding

Bintang Bashing , Sashimi and beer , where the Madpirate paddled out and had a Bintang for Wozz , the MadPirate’s much missed travelling companion , had some fun waves at Bintang and moved on ,

Madpirate skulling a Bintang at Bintangs , Wozz , we be skulling Bintangs at Bintangs again in December -- YEEEWWWW

Madpirate skulling a Bintang at Bintangs.
Wozz , we be skulling Bintangs at Bintangs again in December — YEEEWWWW


Sasha lining it up


Whilst trawling on our way away from BIntangs we caught a Mahi Mahi , Madpirate immediately named the fish Steve , mainly cos he was going to be turned into Sashimi forthwith , (yea bru Steve this ones for you) a quick filleting , an hour in the freezer and MahiMahi Steve was delicious Sashimi on a plate , with rice , an epic-ally tasty garnish , all drizzled in Soy and Kecup Manis with a snafter of Wasabi , and a chug of Bintang , Living the Dream indeed.


A Mahi Mahi called Sashimi Steve in the most excellent hands of Luke


Sashimi’d Mahi Mahi , tasty garnish , Kecup Manis , Wasabi and the ever present Bintang …

Anchor up and we went prospecting down South to Moots -Lighthouse  Sanding area , Huey had the day off and to make the day interesting he tossed us a massive Rain squall packing 35 knots plus winds and a waterfall draining out of clouds so thick and dark the day felt like night , Madpirate had a small vision of the rain stream being a solid mass joining the sky above to sea below us ,  hectic.., Madpirate and crew chilled out watching movies and relaxing the day away.

According to the Pirate rules of what happens on the high seas stays on the high seas , Madpirate shall describe a set of events with no names mentioned or photos published.
Drinking games were under discussion and so it came to pass as the evening wore on that such games , having been named had no option but to materialise , and much skulling of dodgy glassfuls ensued.
Later in the dark of hours well beyond midnight  , Madpirate had to get rid of a surplus amount of Bintang and Gin,  upon exiting the cabin Madpirate found a somewhat disgruntled human standing in the landing with company , said human was in some disrepair and covered in the aftermath of a technicolor yawn , at first Madpirate thought the unfortunate had ralphed upon himself , however , it soon became apparent that said victim was happily ensconced in the lower bunk dreaming dreams of sunbeams and glassy barrels , when the stream of liquid laugh was launched from the gaping maw of the occupant above , as it does , the torrent of chunder poured down onto the occupier below . There was much bustling and discussion in the crowded hallway as Madpirate made his way to bladder relief…. And so the story goes ,  what happens on the high seas stays on the high seas …..

the deed

Some things cannot be ” unseen ” No Names no pics

Anchor up in little bay near Mootz – went to look at Lighthouse , and travelled a bit down to a wave which we shall call IDK , it started out small and fun and got progressively bigger and better , kept us all in the mood awaiting swell to fill in for last 4 days of the trip

Beau blasting

Beau blasting


Luke getting some shade

We travelled to another fun and most plunderable right hander with a sketchy inside reef , which goes dry , a great wave for roundhouse and down-carve practice.

Rob Rocking the Mal

Rob Rocking the Mal

Georgia luvvinitIMG_6702

Georgia Luvving Life

And so Macaroni’s dawned , crew were amped and pumped for it , Maccas was head high and overhead , glassy and empty , not a soul in the water as Madpirate and Sasha , always the first two in and most often the last two out , hit the water,  it was indeed a fantastic day , carnage aplenty with asses getting chewed up and tiger clawed on the reef, 2 boards karked , many lips bashed senseless and the day just kept on giving , a slight devil wind chop came up and turned the glass a bit bumpy , then glassed off again for the final session and dark….
Madpirate suffered a bit of tendon strain in his right shoulder and was hoping it would be good for Lances in the morning..

Georgia mashing Maccas

Georgia mashing Maccas

Charlie carving Maccas

Charlie carving Maccas

Start at Bintangs , lots of swell in water Madpirate sat the Bintang session out saving his achy shoulder for Lances . After a good session at Bintang , we upped anchor and headed off to Lances , which was overhead and really fun looking , Madpirate had some difficulty paddling with one and a half arms , however waves were caught and lips were smashed. Total crew in the water , 8 plus a Lances local Madpirate surfed a slong as he could and came in beaming and ripe for a serious Bintanging

Layback Max at Ht's

Layback Max at Ht’s

Jamie getting his wings

Jamie getting his wings


 Smiling Sasha the Energiser Bunny

Smiling Sasha the Energiser Bunny Styling Ht’s

Beau seagulling it at HT's IMG_0505

Beau seagulling it at HT’s


Pirate pounping

Pirate pounding HT”s

[su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted” size=”1″ margin=”0″][su_row]Day 10 Burgers
Last day , Burgers was fun , however Madpirate didnt surf a whole lot , battling with the arm , and also eventually broke a leash and had his board badly dinged on the rocky shore , ah well , Madpirate is happy to report that he did not feed the crabs and other ocean dwellers any man meat , and Huey only took some fibre glass and foam as Surf tax from the MadPirate

To the crew of the Pelagic , Luke Woods surf guide , Neto the Skipper , Agung the engineer, Des chef, Mul assistant chef and Pardi boatman and cameraman , Terima Kasih, it was awesome , see you soon.

To the Hendos , Rob Max Charlie and Georgia , the Madpirate was truly honored to be in company with such an awesome and friendly family unit, to the Seagulls Beau and Jamie and the energiser Bunny Sasha , thank you for the awesome company , it was truly fantastic , Have an awesome New Year and see you in the Surf somewhere sometime..