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General ramblings about life the universe and everything from my watery eye view.

I have a life long passion, which started at about the age 2 when my father first  took me out in the waves at Umhlanga Rocks on the Natal North Coast of South Africa , from that  day I was hooked on salt and waves and nothing much has changed since then, except I have allegedly grown up a bit. So yes mainly about my passion for surfing ,

About what will be on the Madpirate pages:

  • The somewhat nutty and off the wall Madpirate Blog replete with stories of the past, stories of the present, and glimpses of a preferred future.
  • Madpirate surf boards, the blog will reflect some of the adventures of carving a rocketquad out of a chunk of foam, from mutant monsters to magnificent wave maulers

  • Whatever other weird and wonderful ideas that can be found along with surf related Products