Bye Bye 2013

Madpirate says goodbye to 2013 with mixed feelings, most of the year howled past like a banshee on speed , whilst other bits dragged themselves uphill through a waterfall of molasses , Madpirate however,  has a sneaking suspicion that is normal. And yet is still, surprised that it is Xmas again , how did we get here so fast ? seems like yesterday Madpirate was glugging on the New Years bubbly..

A brief Summary of the Madpirates 2013…

High Points[icon_list style=”check”]

  • Moved to neat house in Kirra, 500m from Kirra beach , with a great garden for the Rodent Queen and a shed for the Pirates harebrained schemes
  • Great November midweek escape to Angourie , where the Pirate lived in luxury and scored great surf… 10/10 This trip made the Pirates year.
  • Madpirate’s continued success in building his own boards has led to the decision to launch MadPirate SurfToys for BigBoys in 2014.
  • Another Year navigated in reasonably good health and good cheer , just a few gashes , bruises and a burst eardrum along the way, no biggies luckily..
  • Madpirate snuck into 2nd place ahead of Peter Buckley and Warren Horwood in the Legends division of the Currumbin Alley Boardriders , Congrats to Eric Pearson on the division win
  • Madpirate will be a step GranPirate in the new year as his lovely Mo and Len add a fresh Pirateling to the crew.


Low points[icon_list style=”delete”]

  • Madpirate got farted on — a lot — by a small, toxic gutted, lap dwelling, rascal rat squirrel.
  • Burst eardrum – Mapirate got smashed pretty good out at Snapper rocks , falling out the sky to meet the wave-base ear first, with the lip a millisecond behind , never a good combination 🙂
  • Madpirate Surfvan – engine blew,  twice , van currently lined up for a full rebuild, the much abused Piratevan has served long and hard under the Pirates steering arm. And is due for some fitting out once it has completed its engine surgery
  • Had to move from comfy house in Tugun as landlords moved back in—  (see High Points  🙂
  • The latter part of 2013 has been a total fail as far waves are concerned , months and months of small onshore garbage-burgers , MadPirate is worried his inner grommet is growing up , or worse the flames of stoke are dimming