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Some Products from the Pirate Treasure Chest ,

  • Surfboards,
  • Awesome Robot Camera system (sales of V2 have been halted awaiting the launch of V3 which promises to be one awesome bit of gear , Soloshot3 ™
  • Madpirate Clothing
  • Temporary Tattoos


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Old News

The Rants and conflabs from the Pirate Blog , been a bit quiet but Pirate is working on one….

Old news
Madpirate is stoked with his very close second place in the 2014 Legends Division and also with having been awarded Club Person of the year 2014 , added to finishing 4th in the Queensland Titles a pretty good year , with 2 great surftrips , Samoa and Mentawais to add spice .. YEEEWWWW!!!!!


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Madpirate Surftoys for BIGBOYS range of wavecraft.

These boards have been tried and tested, with advice and input from top shapers and the needs of the 100kg Madpirate. Madpirate Surftoys are high performance shortboards that will float bigger guys, or give older guys the buoyancy they need while still being able to rip hard.

Being a strong built surfer with the power and weight ratios that come with it has been a challenge that the Madpirate has dealt with since the early 70’s .

Around the late 70’s when sponsored by Shaun Tomson Surfboards and then Town and Country Surfboards, Madpirate and Graham Smith came up with the idea of adding a nubster to twin fins, this was still not enough and we went straight to Quads for normal boards and quads with a nubster for guns , by 1981 G-Force and Madpirate had the design working perfectly, over the years the shape and bottom contours have been refined , with further input from the Late Errol Hickman and more recently with G-Force (Graham Smith’s) knowledge bank gleaned from Shaping Jordy’s and many of the worlds top level surfers and shapers keeping up with current Hi-Performance designs .

The BigBoys Surftoys are aimed at the bigger surfer who wants a hi performance board that will offer buoyancy, speed, control and responsiveness , using modern tech we are able to provide lightweight full volume’d surf boards , that offer great performance as well ………