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Madpirate Surftoys for BIGBOYS range of wavecraft.
These boards have been tried and tested, with advice and input from top shapers and the needs of the 100kg Madpirate. Madpirate Surftoys are high performance shortboards that will float bigger guys, or give older guys the buoyancy they need while still being able to rip hard.

Being a strong built surfer with the power and weight ratios that come with it has been a challenge that the Madpirate has dealt with since the early 70’s .

Around the late 70’s when sponsored by Shaun Tomson Surfboards and then Town and Country Surfboards, Madpirate and Graham Smith came up with the idea of adding a nubster to twin fins, this was still not enough and we went straight to Quads for normal boards and quads with a nubster for guns , by 1981 G-Force and Madpirate had the design working perfectly, over the years the shape and bottom contours have been refined , with further input from the Late Errol Hickman and more recently with G-Force (Graham Smith’s) knowledge bank gleaned from Shaping Jordy’s and many of the worlds top level surfers and shapers keeping up with current Hi-Performance designs .

The BigBoys Surftoys are aimed at the bigger surfer who wants a hi performance board that will offer buoyancy, speed, control and responsiveness , using modern tech we are able to provide lightweight full volume’d surf boards , that offer great performance as well ………

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XMAS, NYE, Champagne Movies and all that

Wooohoo, Okay so its been ages since the madpirate strapped himself into his scripting saddle and updated the void with his daring deeds of jiggerypokery and rapscallionery. Madpirate has been wildly juggling many work hats,

By |January 23rd, 2010|

What the Flock ?

Okay coming soon just gots to get the old madpiratemelon to stop cavitating and flippyfloppering about like a caught fish

By |November 16th, 2009|

Boats, Vans and Bundaberg Rum

So with the Piratequeen away over the pond, the Madpirate has pretty much ruled the roost, hmmmm not all its cracked up to be apparently. A strangely vacant space in the Madpirates bunk has appeared

By |November 2nd, 2009|

Shark Alley Subverted

Mad Pirates Log Tuesday 15. Mad Pirate lurked past Mudjimba island again on Tuesday, after scooting into the car park and grabbing a "rock star" parking in his newly acquired  Mitsubishi Surfwagon, Madpirate was greatly

By |September 17th, 2009|

Saturday in Shark Alley

Mad pirate has had his eye on Mudjimba Island for the better part of two years, many an afternoon had seen the madpirate sitting on his balcony, rum inhand and watching the liquid treasures wrapping

By |September 14th, 2009|

Moovin n Groovin

Mapirate can not believe how fast time has flown past, the las 2 weeks has flitterskitted by in the wink of an eye, wow, moving and packing travelling and transferring, deorganising  reorganising its been a

By |August 9th, 2009|

Moving n Ungrooving

Madpirate is sitting in a the largest pile of “stuff” he has ever seen, ever the wanderer Madpirate had kept his possessions to the barest minimum as possible, you know the drill, moving to “insertplace”

By |July 24th, 2009|

Eclipsed or just Obscured

Madpirate and many of his friends , colleagues, acquaintances etc. have been undergoing a hugely tumultuous process these last 4 or 5 weeks. Relentless upheaval has been the order of Madpirates day, every few days

By |July 22nd, 2009|

Reservoir Dog Daze

So, you know the days (daze) Madpirate asks ?, those, confuxxled dog daze when all is weird and bit out of touch with the general mish-mash of being present in an ordered Earth Space ?. 

By |July 15th, 2009|

Wet Day for a Wild Wedding

Time skips, hops, wobbles and warps, and as usual, before you know it,  the day that seemed so far away is suddenly HERE, and so it happened on the day of the Madpirates Wedding,  a

By |June 25th, 2009|