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Madpirate has been missing in action for an extended period, crazy, a whole year has whizzbanged by.

The MadPirates World has been consumed with navigating the vortex of constant confusion and change, thankfully this situation is almost normal so not all that challenging for the Pirate.

To maintain his unsanity dread MadPirate has been buying hunks of foam and hacking, mowing, sanding, screening his way through many hapless foam blanks, taking away all the material that doesn’t look like what he wants under his feet. Plan shapes are OK, rockers and profiles take years of experience and rails well that just Einstein science stuff , MadPirate shaped a good few perfect looking boards, all with one fatal flaw, the rail profiles were wrong and the boards “pop” out of the face or just sink on the turn ………… nett result , there are many really pretty looking “dogs ” in the Pirates cave πŸ™‚ Β All is not lost as the Madpirate also luckily managed to turn out 3 good boards, whilst self teaching himself the dark arts of surfboard shaping Β πŸ™‚

Quikky time on the Gold Coast and the banks were blown to pieces by large swells cyclone damage and worse, the sand pumps that sent the precious sand to the Superbank were damaged by large chunks of tree debris , there were waves however and the contest rain at Rainbow bay and Kirra, with a superb final where the amazing Kelly pulled another tactically perfect win over Joel, in dredging Kirra barrels.
snapper rainbow greenmount pano from 12th floor rainbow place
Gee Force (Graham Smith), one of the best and most knowledgeable shapers on the planet rocked into the Gold coast , Gee has shaped the Madpirate some of the best boards the Madpirate has ever ridden in his 48 year wave demolishing career, and is without a doubt as good as anybody , if not better , when it comes to understanding the dynamics of a true custom shape , suited to a specific surfers power , weight and style. One word GENIUS. …..

Long and short of it, after Jordy’s unsuccessful close-close heat vs Travis Logie, Gee offered up his valuable time and descended into the chaos that is the MadPirate cave , where with a pencil, a saw, a “Swiss knife” and a bit of sandpaper he proceeded to enlighten the Madpirate, by word and deed on how to shape the finer points of rails, curves, rockers, outlines and most importantly how to tie then up for the best result , and in the process Gee hand shaped a thing of beauty (When Madpirate says handshaped, he really means hand shaped, no more than 2 minutes banding the rails with a planer) Madpirate was and is in awe of watching a true master craftsman at work under brutal conditions with just an overhead light.. the result is styrene perfection and Madpirate cant wait to get the GeeForce wavekiller salted πŸ™‚

styrene garage shape

Meanwhile Madpirates landlord has returned from Bali and are moving back into the Madpirates headquarters, his leaves the MadPirate and co-Pirates including the Rat Queen (aka attack squirrel) have been prospecting for a new poop deck from which to lay the law of havoc upon assorted landlubbers, and from which to mount plunderous attacks on varied salty lumps approaching the Gold Coast shoreline, Madpirate is pleased to say that suitable lodgings have been found and plundered , the Rat Queen will have huge garden to hunt birds in and the Madpirate has a shed from which to produce wave killing foam projectiles………….
rat queen
Madpirate is presently a bit out of sorts as on Friday 15th on a wave hunting expedition at Snapper Rocks Madpirate was eaten alive by a solid bomb set , which forced a large volume of water into the Madpirates left ear, completely dizzying and disorienting him, it was indeed a most scary few minutes for the Madpirate as being in woo-woo land in the Snapper impact zone is not conducive to healthy outcomes, Madpirate made it to shore in one piece , however still deaf in left ear and still constantly draining fluid out of it 3 days later .

In thi mildly unsettled state madpirate also surfed the Alley Boardriders monthly camp where the legends division now has 12 plus surfers in it, with an influx of young 45 year old groms moving up from the Masters division πŸ™‚ Competition is fierce and Madpirate is stoked to have won his 1st round and Semi Final heats in fun surf, and placed 4th in the final where a howling sideshore wind had just sprung up reducing the surf to knee high porridge, great day was had by all πŸ™‚

And indeed it was Good