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Damn its been a while since Madpirates fingers have tickled the blog keyboard .. In random order and for reason other than Madpirate has carved out a half hour here goes the Goldi Edition.

Madpirate , the Pirate Queen and the Rat Queen aka Luna, have, after much toil and sweat, packed up the spacious abode in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and shifted themselves 200kms South to Tugun on the Gold Coast. A decision not taken lightly and after much rending of clothes and grinding of teeth, the move was on, a great spot found 150m from the salty stuff.

Mad Pirates beloved Point Cartwright with its various rock ledges and uncrowded conditions has been replaced with Currumbin Alley, a sand point break with great potential, thrice as crowded as Carties and yet not nearly as badly crowded as Snapper Rocks up the road. Having said that, Mad pirate still had the crazy experience of dodging around learners on softies, goat boats, paddle ski’s and SUP sea sweepers, 10 turns just to avoid colliding with the clowns out in the line-up all on one wave…. Aiish welcome to hell….

Madpirate and the Pirate Queen have been keeping themselves busy unpacking and repacking , and in between Madpirate nips out to recharge his salt levels, which is all good indeed. The young Rat Queen now gets to frolic and bark on the sea sand during her walks and is a happy lil Galleyrat.

All is good save that the young Goddess Queen in training’s presence is sorely missed as she has found a new home in Mooloolaba and will only be a weekend visitor…

Madpirate has taken over the garage and turned it into a ManPirate Cave /office/gym and all is good, as major piracy and other semi nefarious deeds may be done far from the stern gaze of the eternally tidy Pirate Queen.

Madpirate is also considering the purchase of a blank, after 30 years of pondering it is considered time for Madpirate to branch out into wave ship building.. Madpirate has need of a short wave lance and with one ordered being indefinately delayed it be time to limber up and lay some Madpirate lines on virgin foam… More on the upcoming adventures of Captain Assymetric in the near future….

And it shall be good