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Hmm Madpirate did some awesomely intelligent madpirateness and cleverly (NOT!!)   deleted his previous blog in its entirety DOHH!!. (update on 05-02-2011 Madpirate has resurrected some of his posts)

The upside of all this is that , in the spirit of surfing the waves of the webernet and maintaining a precarious balance, a new blog / website thingo has been born.
…..  So welcome to the Ashes Blog, as in the Phoenix Rising from the ashes..

And seeing as its a new website, Madpirate has decided to put all his interests in one place, that way he only has one website to manage and can proceed to lose everything in one fell swoop 🙂

Some News about what will be on the Madpirate pages:

  • * Madpirate has gotten a lot closer to sealing a deal with Graham Smith of G Star Surfboards and will be facilitating the  importation, marketing and distribution of G Star and Jordy Smith branded surfboards and accessories, watch the surfboards page as it grows with more product, pictures and news.
  • * IT Training courses, from IT Online Learning, give the Madpirate a call for some excellent I Training product and Mates Rates
  • The somewhat nutty and off the wall Madpirate Blog..
  • Whatever other weird and wonderful ideas that can be found
  • Some Political commentary and if possible a Wikileaks mirror

Queensland Floods: Poor Brisbane and Queensland in flood after a 10 year drought, prior to this massive deluge, the Flood mitigation part of the Wivenhoe Dam system has never really been tested under maximum stress, lesson learnt and we can rest assured that, as much as we want to try keep the dam as close to maximum as we safely can, in the event of ongoing rain, early and slower release patterns would be a good idea.

Brisbane’s pain has been a surfers gain, with the stormy weather patterns, the Sunny Coast points have been lighting up and firing for close on 3 weeks. Madpirate’s trusty wave lance (soon to be replaced) has seen action at Noosa  (Boiling Pot and T Tree bay) Point Cartwright (Point and Platform)  and it has indeed been good.

Mad pirates arms are in some disrepair this arvo, after a 4 hour surf at Carties, in some well overhead juice, strong wind and a strong sweep made it one of those fat burning sessions , which is all good, as Madpirate is presently busy removing about 8 kgs of unwanted “conditioning” .

Of Course the Madpirate has a special affinity for Point Cartwright, it was there that the PirateQueen and the Madpirate were bonded in matrimony, and bless her soul the
PirateQueen has done a reasonably good job of taming and introducing the Madpirate to some resemblance of domesticity.

On the home front, MadPirate and the PirateQueen are preparing to translocate their bodied and clothes South to the Gold Coast, Madpirate is looking forward to the move, with one small reservation, the chaotic crowds of the Gold Coast points, Madpirate has happily settled into the Sunshine Coasts breaks as a relatively big fish in a smallish pond, and now preparing for the transition  to a smallish fish in a bigger pond, ah well a fair bit of hussling lies ahead it would seem 🙂
And on we go and indeed it is good