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K so for the last 4 days Madpirate’s  sleep has been severely impacted by long green/blue walls rifling off the reef at JBay. Madpirate was been totally absorbed by the level and quantity of wavewizardry on show. Guys just lighting the afterburners and shredding the living bejasus out of some pretty fast n chunky looking Jbay lines.

Pirate Queen has been very accepting of her Madpirate’s dogged determination to score as little sleep as possible while cramming in as much surf watching as possible, an all Madpirate can say is  Wow every last minute of lost sleep contributed to a good cause.

Madpirate never missed one of Jordys heats and watched in awe at the silky smooth, sublime, totally controlled, visually astonishing, and absolute wave-slaughter skills of Jordy, having fun at the office, wreaking havoc, and sending monstrous plumes of spray off the lips of waves made for his fast aggressive power house moves… Stunning encapsulates the vision . As one of the commentators blurted, that’s disgustingly good!!

Sunday finals day was almost Madpirates last day on this lil blue wet n round ball, thanks to a somewhat abominable set of circumstances that befell Jordy during his heat with Bede Durbige, with Bede cranking on the pressure and getting all the waves, Jordy, starved of waves looked like making an exit…..

When without warning in the dying minute …

Commiserations Bede, it must burn so bad to be done and dusted have a heat won and then in a one two knockout punch walk out stunned and second wondering WTF just happened.
Madpirates heart almost fell through his nether regions, as he was cursing the lack of waves, beseeching Huey and offering up body parts to the crabs at Point Cartwright for a heat winning wave to arrive on Jordy’s  lap.
Mmm Jordy had other plans and as Huey wasnt sending him the Juice he made his own, on two fairly mediocre waves, with the clock virtually run out Jordy just went ballistic and ripped the heart and soul out of the surf and Bede.

EEisshhh poor Bede, fortunately his end was so swift there was no time to suffer the thousand deaths  all of Jordy’s fans had been through all heat long.

On to the final and the clinical execution of Adam Melling, who was another absolute standout performer.

Watching a stunned and emotionally wracked Jordy at the podium  caused a random frog to get stuck in Madpirates throat bringing a mild salty leak into play…

So OMG moment of the year, as our  Jordy goes No 1 in One world Ranking, No1 in WCT ranking and wins the first of many victories to come, and on that most happy note  Madpirate is ready to catch up the lost sleep debt he has built up with his body 🙂

And indeed it was GOOD