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Of late Madpirate has been seriously questioning the wisdom of having skipped woodworking lessons at school (of course Madpirate was surfing) this would be in no small part due to the incessant rain we have been enduring for the last few weeks, the bottom of Madpirate’s garden is a quagmire, ( as was discovered when Madpirate went to fetch his trailer the other day and immediately got bogged down in a mudpie of galactic proportions)  any more rain and the bottom of the garden will be a swimming pool, more  rain than that and we get back to beginning of this entry, anyone have instructions for building an ARK?

Madpirate also has to send out great thanks to his neighbor, who upon seeing madpirates surfwagon almost get swallowed up by the quagmire came across with Ute, jack, spades and other rescue orientated implements after much jacking and packing and laying of wood tracks, Madpirate co-opted the Piratequeen for driver duties whilst he and his erstwhile neighbor pushed from behind, after a great deal of wheel spinning, acric burning wood and rubber smoke  fumes and gobs of mud being slung backwards, eventually the surfwagon took purchase on the wooden runway and we got the beast of out the  mush……. Aiiish which brings us back to Arks and biblical missions.

Snakes, it has been so wet in Qld that 6 people were bitten by snakes in one day, poor things had nowhere to go but into houses to attempt to stay dry, and as we all know snakes and people are not a good mixture, Reference ? read up on Snakes since Adam and Eve , this unfortunate combination of man and snake in close quarters has almost always ended in tears,  unless youre a snake charmer or herpetologist, the end result usually ranges from ungood to downright bad for both parties.

The usual cycle, continues, we go from wave and rain drought to flood in both instances.

Upside to all this wet and wobbly weather is that their has been incessant surf, waves waves waves everywhere, including the bottom of Madpirate’s garden, Madpirate has had a few killer sessions at Noosa and Point Cartwright, tho Carties banks have washed again and it seems a bit fat. Yesterday saw Madpirate out at carties with a few crew, the sweep was insane, 3 hours of having to paddle to stay in place has left Madpirate with a pair of pretty worn out arms.

Non event of the year has to be the Chilean Tsunami that had beaches up and down the East Coast of Ozz closed, the Govt Revenue raisers writing fines blah blah blah. Meanwhile the thing was all of 10cm when it arrived, as any surfer would have told you, and as observation at the Banda aceh Tsunami waptly demonstrated, wave dissipation over  many many thousands of kilometres rendered the non tsunami totally toothless.  Facts these panic mongers needs to take into consideration are

(a) Did the quake create enough undersea displacement to create a dangerous tsunami
(b) Wave dissipation distance (The Banda Aceh Tsunami started at 10m and by the time it hit Africa has dissipated to under 1m)
(c) Observation of Tsunami prior landfall results gives an indication of what to expect

Madpirate wants to be clear here, Madpirate has no issues withTsunami warnings however  false /uninformed/panic overreaction calls like this one, are dangerous, as people could become so jaded that a proper warning could be treated with contempt, with far reaching consequences.

Enough of that little rant, Next up Madpirate has to sign off , grab his trusty wave lance and bolt on down to Point Cartwright, achy breaky arms and all. For there are waves to be had and I wants to get me some

And lineup Pt cartwrightsml
indeed it shall be good