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So with the Piratequeen away over the pond, the Madpirate has pretty much ruled the roost, hmmmm not all its cracked up to be apparently. A strangely vacant space in the Madpirates bunk has appeared right where the gorgeous PirateQueen is usually to be found, and as both Nature and the Madpirate abhor a vacuum, Madpirate has taken to stretching himself over the entire bed, which has led to the Madpirate now noticing that he misses waking up at night to steal back just enough duvet from the PirateQueen to keep himself warm enough to stay asleep.

Anyhow this weekend The Captain and The Sister kidnapped the Madpirate and after setting him aboard their trusty seafaring craft, the goodship Moongazer set sail into Moreton Bay, ’twas indeed a great break and it took the Madpirate no time at all to relax into a semi comatose state, this had nothing to do with the gentle flow of rum and Katembe’s  and more to do with the stresses of general daily hooha slipping off the Madpirates radar, a most enjoyable weekends sail.

Madpirates trusty surfwagon threw up a small glitch on the way to the Marina, as Madpirate noticed the dreaded yellow engine warning light come into life, plus side was a slower drive into and back out of Brisvegas, thus evading the baconised roadside  radar wafters. The madpirate’s surfwagon was then admitted to carhospital for diagnostics and the result was a sick air flow meter, mmmm Madpirate is not impressed that this small and innocuos looking piece of kit costs in the region of $550.00. Surely no car spares salesmen make it to heaven, indeed when the Madpirate karks it he shall surely take a blanket with him, just in case he ends up in Hell, there will be so many Lawyers, Builders, vehicle related villians and other miscellaneous bottom feeders down there Madpirate is certain he will never get near the flames.. Arrrr it is what it is isnt it..

Meanwhile back in the surf, Madpirate is most unimpressed, there has been virtually no swell for so long the Madpirate has has noticed cobwebs on his trusty chunkybatzap wave killing machine, bones are getting creakier and the saline percentage in Madpirates veins is getting dangerously low, all dangerous signs of serious imbalance which needs to be rectified rather soon. The weather maps show a rather leaky sky for the coming weekend which is all good on two fronts,  rain usually brings waves and the Madpirate has been keeping a leery eye on the water tanks which are now getting dangerously low. Madpirate is certain that the moment he orders a tanker load of water the heavens will open up , yet paradoxially if he doesnt order the tanker the rain will stay away… Arrrrr what to do with catch 22


RRRRRrrrrrr  another rum it be…

And indeed it was GOOD