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Mad pirate has had his eye on Mudjimba Island for the better part of two years, many an afternoon had seen the madpirate sitting on his balcony, rum inhand and watching the liquid treasures wrapping around “old woman island”, and so it came to pass that on Saturday, Mad pirate was surfing the beach break at Mudjimba, when a fellow pirate named Phil paddled past , Mad pirate enquired of Phil as to his destination and the answer was “the Island”

Mad Pirate joined Phil and together we paddled the 1.3 Kms out to sea, across the trench, twas a most gruelling excercise, a long and hard paddle over a deep trench seperating the Island from the mainland, hard paddle and pretty nerve wracking aswell, however with the odds down to 50% of being shark snack The Mad Pirate was comfortable.

Mad pirate and his trusty 6″3″quad finned wave lance were soon in amongst the perfect fun left handers breaking off the right of the island, many many moons have passed since The Mad Pirate last surfed a proper left, therefore a certain rustiness was apparent, however after three 250m rides Madpirate was back in the backhanders Groove, muscle memory and instincts took up the memories of Mad Pirates days surfing the Left Reef at Wedge in his hometown of Durban, South Africa. The trusty wave lance was popping fins out the back and carving merry cutbacks leading to foam bounces and another fin free lip bash, Mad pirate was happy free and in brainfunland. After years of right reefs, finally The Mad Pirate has found a left reef to play on.

With just 3 surfpirates out it was indeed paradise, after a while more arrived by boat to share the oceans bounty, and after 3 hours of good consistant surf the Mad Pirate was tired and ready to go home, minor miscalculation about the energy needs to re-cross the trench had the Mad Pirate wincing in agony before the halfway mark, as near burnt out muscles scavenged for the energy and oxygen to paddled home,  Mad pirate had no option to bite the bullet and draw deep to keep paddling, the thought of being shark snack provided the necessary adrenalin and after 25 minutes an exhausted but ultra stoked Mad Pirate was ashore. One more Tick on the ToDo list taken care of đŸ˜‰

And indeed  it was GOOD!!

oldwoman island