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Madpirate is sitting in a the largest pile of “stuff” he has ever seen, ever the wanderer Madpirate had kept his possessions to the barest minimum as possible, you know the drill, moving to “insertplace” grab your swag, toss your kit in a case, load the essentials into the trailer, strap the surfboards on the roof, load up on a bunny chow

/digress on; Bunny Chow =  Durban Saffa surfers classic meal, which consists  of a half loaf of bread hollowed out filled with the tastiest spiciest curry, the hollowed out plug is then stuck back on top to absorb the curry juices, a Durban Curry is a culinary miracle, truly a taste sensation of note and Madpirates taste buds have just popped and flooded his mouth at the thought of it, that and the fact that the closest Bunny Chow/Durban Curry to Madpirate is 13,000 kms away)
\Digress off

This is the much enjoyed Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

and woohoo off  we go slip sliding and time warping off into fresh lands and adventures. Things have changed now, that the Madpirate is married, Madpirates trailer load of possessions have blended with the Pirate Queens bounty to create an almost overwhelming pile of stuff that has to be moved to the new Pirate Headquarters. Madpirate says “thank heavens for removalists” and he sends huge respect to those erstwhile conveyors of possessions.

Madpirate is now grateful of the decision he took 2 years ago to rent a furnished unit on the beach over the unfurnished one, Carumba the mind boggles at having to move the combined accumulation of 2 households ****shudder****.

So now Madpirate and the Queen are moving themselves off to a sweet house with a large duck pond next door, birds chirping in the trees and nearest neighbour is 300 metres away, bliss, peace and quiet in a fine country setting.

No doubt the attack of the Mollysqueets will start in a few months which worries the Mad Pirate deeply, take 1 million people and 1 mosquito and if the Madpirate is in the crowd  guess who takes the bite,  Yeps, indeed, that would be Madpirate blood being dished up for Mrs Mollysqueet’s supper.

Meanwhile back on the homefront much packing and organising awaits so Mad pirate is off to fill the treasure chests with  accumulated loot.

Arrrr and it is GOOD