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Madpirate and many of his friends , colleagues, acquaintances etc. have been undergoing a hugely tumultuous process these last 4 or 5 weeks. Relentless upheaval has been the order of Madpirates day, every few days a new challenge arises and Madpirate and the Pirate Queen are called to repel boarders and take control, truly our marriage has shown its strength as the waves of chaos crash and spend themselves against us.

Which brings the mad pirate to try and explain his understanding of what is going on as best he can?

Today (22nd July) There is a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Cancer, this eclipse is allied with awesome planetary alignments  (There’s also a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron and Uranus, Pluto and Saturn have also got an alignment thingo going ) the nett result  for those moving into the new is what seems to be relentless, havoc, disorder, chaos and instability.

Madpirate wonders how many are wondering how much all this sounds like their lives at present?   If so hold tight cos the fun is only just beginning,   we have 3 eclipses through July to August, 2 in Capricorn/Cancer and and 1 in Aquarius/Leo. These will be affecting matters of home, heart and nurturing energies. The benefit of these eclipses is allowing a refining of our headheart space allowing us to refine our values from a more caring place, for ourselves, our fellow man and our planet.

We are being invited to look at what’s working in our lives, cast out the old stuff that doesn’t work and really look at what we need to include in our new life, (stuff thats busy being redefined outside of our control include; Global Economy, Climatic Awareness, Awakening of humanity from a tag less viewpoint (spiritual or otherwise ))

The energy we have been feeling is the New Moon eclipsing the sun in the last degree of Cancer, a perfect ending of one with a seamless energy transition to opening the next chapter.

Madpirate says woohoo RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR avast ye lubbers, strap yerselves in tight boys n girls this ride is just getting going and the fun is only about to start kicking in

Madpirate is still hopping along on a pegleg, parrot is barely clinging on the sails are close to shredpoint, and yet throught the storm there is light as we skiphop over the chop and wash, skidding through on our way to wherever, what it might mean to you? who knows, but Madpirate has included a bit of reference as a toe dip starter–Spirit-Examiner~y2009m7d21-Total-Solar-Eclipse-July-22-2009-Predictions-for-all-12-zodiac-signs>

And it is Good