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So, you know the days (daze) Madpirate asks ?, those, confuxxled dog daze when all is weird and bit out of touch with the general mish-mash of being present in an ordered Earth Space ?.  ?

Kinda day that takes its first stumbling lurch into consciousness by hacking a slice of chin skin off while shaving, and starts to descend into the underworld of chaos and anarchy from there?

So after staunching the bleeding ya drag on a shirt, stumble down to coffeland and stub a toe on the sofa, all of which then leads to a fair amount of cursing and damning various entities and deities, not the least of which would be the Leprechaun called Murphy, guardian of “Murphy’s Law”. After misplacing the car keys and eventually finding them, it then becomes apparent that you’ve lost your glasses in the search and the whole process of searching through the house begins again, after 15 minutes¬† the glasses are discovered in your shirt pocket and the whole, am I an absent minded Einstein/brain eaten by white ants ? internal debate begins afresh.

With a gasp of horror you look at the clock only to see that its still 06h50 in the morning and a whole day of uncertainty lies ahead, a Reservoir Dog Day of obstacles and traps lie in camouflaged cunning to get ya.

With great Bravery you head out to work, amazingly the roads are clear and you have the best traffic run ever, get to work in a much better mood, stoked to have taken care of all the hassles in one concentrated burst, about then you notice that the area seems a bit quiet, even the guys who usually open way before you are not even at work yet, shaking your head you sit down, fire up Outlook and see by your Calendar that its Sunday morning not Monday morning…….

And it sucks


As usual sense of reality is realigned by the knowledge that not far away, someone is doing it much much tougher.