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Time skips, hops, wobbles and warps, and as usual, before you know it,  the day that seemed so far away is suddenly HERE, and so it happened on the day of the Madpirates Wedding,  a week of anxiously scouring the long range weather reports, happy OHNO,  happy OHNO,  happy OHNO, prayers, meditations and demands sent to Spirit and to all the spiritkeepers of the Over and Underworld, Please don’t let it rain on the day.

The day arrives and looks pretty damn fine, bits of blue in between the grey, Mad Pirate decides to forgo the shelter and take a chance on the weather playing nice.
First Mission rake the circle of infinity into the sea sand at the chosen spot, this done the game is now on to get various appliances and props down to the beach, a  10 minute walk each way wooot !!!.
So all goodies down at the beach, Madpirate looks at his watch and Oh Horror !!!  the Pirate Queen is due in  at the car Park in 10 Minutes, Madpirate is still in trackpants and T shirt, Mad dash starts as the Madpirate speeds back towards the car park, greeting the guests as passes them on his way back to the car park,  they give him the wild raised eyebrow as they walk towards the sacred circle, every one of em probably wondering something along the lines of  “didn’t someone say Elegant Dress …..?” or  “Poor bastard he looks a bit stretched” or “8 minutes to go still not even dressed…. that’s a Dead man Walking”  … With deadlines and consequences  in mind, Madpirate stretched his gait a tad or 10.

Fortunately Madpirate had a cunning plan, and in Superhero style the Madpirate dashed into the Local Loo and 3 Minutes later exited looking as smooth as silk, Pictures confirm speed changing was succesful …

A gentle dash back up the beach and Madpirate and The Captain finalised the last parts of the ceremony, and all was ready for the Radiantly beautiful Pirate Queen Fatima and her Goddess in Training daughter/bridesmaid Talia to walk up into the circle towards the Madpirate.

/Digress On
In amidst all this the surf at Point Cartwright was a fun 3 to 5  footer with a just the right amount of sand linking the 3 reefs together, Madpirate knew he was in love, for the first time in his life he was happy to be on the beach and not in the water.
\Digress off

All was in readiness, and the PirateQueen and the Apprentice Goddess arrived, the cold front started to creep in, Madpirate was on the verge of calling a halt and a run for cover , however he decided that it was all to far gone and maybe we would be missed, the ceremony started and the rain joined in, MadPirate and the PirateQueen did their vows under umbrellas, as the last words were said the rain lifted and the light was perfect for the beach Photo Session.

MadPirate and the Piratequeen were most blessed with rainy Omen of Good Luck

And It is Good