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Madpirate log on Saturday, this is Madpirates last Saturday as a single man, yeehaa, countdown to Saturday 20th has begun in earnest, along with some near heart atttax this fine morning, whilst carefree zipping along the highway transport node, Madpirate noticed an ominous yellow engine light in his control binnacle, the engine faltered and Madpirate was alarmed,   arrrrrrrrr bloody crapstix he was heard to mutter not now, by all the skull n crossbones ‘pon the planet,  not now.

The Madpirates trusty  destination attack craft was in limp mode, and 18 kms later, he brought her to port and cracked open the engine cover, after much inspection and random torturing of various internet forum engine jockeys, Madpirate ascertained that the craft needed an oil change, this done and the Madpirates transport is ready for the overtaking and pillaging of various slow moving craft again.

Meanwhile Madpirate has had no surf for a week, waves have been flatter than Twiggys chest arrrrghegheghe arrrr, Not much surf on the horizon till latter half of next week, and Madpirate is dismayed as the weather looks a bit stormy for his oceanside union with his Gorgeous Pirate Queen Madpirate and the Gorgeous Fatima (Pirate Queen)

Madpirate is looking forward to some serious hunnimoon cuddletime (with the gorgeous wench pictured above) and maybe even a bit of a surf in the  Byron Bay area.

Broken Head / Boulder Bay are calling the Madpirate and his lazer fat bat quad to shred a few lips and carve some turns, ohh yesssss, the Pirate Queen has given Madpirate permission to get salty …  woooot !!

And Indeed it is good