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MadPirate has been missing from the blogsphere for many many moons, time the ever illusive master dodger has been slipping past at a ridiculous clip, indeed MadPirate can still taste the bubbly from News Years eve and January has just about skipped by at lightspeed, hold tight folks this year aint gonna last all that long, blink thrice and thar she blows ………

Notes; the Pirate queen has been MIA for the past 2 and a half months, doing her seminar route in USA and Canada with a short sojourn to India with dearest Friend Juliet to see in the 11:11:11 festival, PirateQueen was sorely missed by the MadPirate and the young Attack Squirrel.. No sooner had the Pirate Queen landed when she was off again to Coolum to help sort out all the fine details, as the Goddess in Training and friend Hannah were on their way overseas, on the holiday of a lifetime. All of us are most proud of the work and dedication that was applied to make this dream come true Go Talia — do it to it …
With a great sense of accomplishment Madpirate is happy to report that another one of the “must do before dying” list missions has been started and well underway. Shaping wavekillers ūüôā ¬†Madpirate has now shaped 5 wave Killers, and after much pondering has named them Rocket Quads —- The First one was a revelation as Madpirate discovered that his hands have a form of affinity to foam , admittedly Board 1 was a bit of a mutant , however it was also a complete experiment testing how to shape up v nose to single concave to double concave, etc. Board 4 is brilliant, although its rail a bit chunky so it “kicks” out of the face¬†occasionally…The Fifth attempt is a thing of beauty, (RocketQuad 2) this yellow peril is a truly awesome wave killer one of the Top 5 boards MadPirate has ever ridden…….. Board Six was the board that brought the ebullient MadPirate back to earth a tad, a misread on the tape ended up being a 5′ 7″ minipod instead of the 6′ 7″ gun that was intended, best of all is this error was eventually discovered ¬†3/4 of the way thru the shaping process , and only after thinking repeatedly that the board seemed short, was the true extent of the error discovered — ah well shorty will be the one where Madpirate attempts his first air brush attempt, and might even be set aside as a possible tow in board………….

chunky quadbatzap3 topglassed

As with all seafaring types, eventually the ocean is going to have its way with those puny humans that gambol in its liquid reaches. And so it came to pass, just after Xmas surf on the Goldi was heaving and Madpirate went a hunting, with the wild conditions, it seemed the best route would be to paddle at Snapper and with the sweep pulling hard aim to get out in time to surf Greenmount, this plan almost worked apart from one small detail, the exhausted Madpirate only cleared the break line halfway to Kirra — Gasp!!!! after a marathon paddle back to Greenmount a Solid wave loomed up and Madpirate was in his element trusty wavelance flashing in the sun, much fun was had and far down the line Madpirate came in, walked all the way back to Snapper Rocks (2Kms?) and tried to paddle out again, Madpirate was almost out when the Bomb Sets of the day ¬†Detonated 20m¬†in from of Madpirate and washed him, exhausted back into the midbreak, where MadPirate wisely called it day and went in to take a few snaps of Kirra Tow in surfers…. ¬†Paul called and by the afternoon MadPirate and Paul were 200kms up North paddling out at Alex Headland, after a good session we retired to the Von Guilliaume Inn for beer and meat to recharge our tired Pirate bodies… Next morning was solid 4 to 6 foot beachies at the Kawana Pocket, hectic paddle out and near the end again the entire line up was anihillated by a set of solid 8foot plus rogues that plundered and pillaged every waterman in the lineup, the first of these monsters hit 2 metres in front of a wildly scratching MadPirate, who with survival foremost bailed and felt the instantaneous whip as his leash was shredded, ¬†with 3 more behind it, there were no survivors and all of us washed in to the beach temporarily beaten into submission…

MadPirate is wondering whether he is on the Gold Coast of Australia or Scotland or Tasmania as the sky has been a uniform grey for ages and seems to have sprung a series of leaks that range from light drizzle to catastrophic downpours ¬†———– ah well ¬†IT IS GOOD !