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Okay so now that the dust has settled , heres a brief run back on whats been happening in the world of the Madpirate since he the Pirate Queen and the Rabid Rat packed comix and headed South to Tugun on the Gold Coast.

As previously reported the Mad Pirate and the Queen have found the sweetest and quirkiest lil house on the hill at Tugun, and MadPirate has his madScientist man Cave under control, all is good as it should be, Madpirate has fouind a cruisy job which affords him that all important morning window of opportunity to Fly the Jolly Roger and take his trusty wave lance into the foaming Briny.

Which brings us to the Mobile Morons, so on day three of his employment Madpirate was tootling along on his way home, when all of a sardine there were headlights shining into his eyes from the drivers window, MadPirate flung the van to the left and braked all to no avail as a Ford Fiesta ploughed into the drivers door and totalled the vans steering linkage.  Said moron was in fast lane and suddenly noticed that he was about to miss his turn so swerved across 2 lanes of traffic just in time to discover that 2 vehicles cannot safely occupy the same space without a great deal of compression and damage. Up side no one was injured apart from Madpirates pride as a 30+ year stretch of safely dodging Mobile Morons came to an end.

Next up we have the Chile Ash cloud which serves to reminds us all as to how completely interconnected we all are, in that an event 3/4 of the way around the world can cause so much havoc, for so long.

We had round one of the ash cloud which closed down airports in NZ and Melbourne, clogging up Cooli nad Brissi airports with cancelled flights and stranded passengers, then, just as the backlog was cleared the same ashcloud came careering around in the jet stream again and closed down tazzi, Melbourne and Sydney, causing even more widespread havoc for the airlines, and word is this ting will still be an issue next week when it comes around for round 3 and takes out Sydney and possibly Coolangatta, and Brisbane, a bit like that book On the Beaches..

So this week was Madpirate and the Pirate Queens second anniversary on Monday and Madpirates Birthday on Wednesday, so due to the dreaded Ash cloud Madpirate ended up working 15 to 18 hours per day through his anniversary and birthday, with just enough time to kiss the PirateQueen hello and goodbye inbetween dropping exhausted into bed, even the poor Rabid rat lost on on its Walkies on the beach.  just as well we had previously decided to have all celebrations on Sunday 26th as its also the Goddess in training and Marks birthday, one VERY busy Sunday heading in thats for sure.

Madpirate is pleased to say that there has been surf non stop for many weeks now, and he has been getting into it at Cabarita and Currumbin with the odd foray out at Tugun and Flat Rock aswell, upside news is that during this mad ash week just passed, the surf has been flat…Though madpirate went for a surf this morning at cab’s with old friend Paul Thomas and introduced him to the wonders of surfing one of Madpirates trusty wave destroying quad finners… Madpirate has been after a ZigZag centrespread of himself shot at Green Point in ’82 and after much seeking finally JM Tostee found the pic scanned it and emailed it Madpiratewards.. yaaa one more thing crossed off the list, and seeing as every mad pirate story has a picture somewhere here is the picci in question

Gordo Green Point 1982 crop
And Indeed it was GOOD !!