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…..This bad boy by the name of Yasi, pulls in and starts threatening the coast.


Good chance we will be off our skulls surfing Macking Noosa, Carties and the other SEQ point breaks, on the other hand, my heart goes out to those who are still struggling to get over the last bout of floods and rain, only to look like coppping a boot while  they are still on their knees

As it so Happens, Yasi Charged in like a wounded bull, the brunt of it missing Cairns and Townsville, with the good folk at Tully and Innisfail copping the brunt of the storm, with winds of a touch under 300km, its a miracle (and testament to building codes, early warning notices and evacuation procedures) that no-one was killed.  This bad boy was so powerful, that it kept going 700 kms inland all the way to Mt Isa where it was finally downgraded to a TC  CAT 1 and then Tropical Low.

An active Cyclone that far inland is relatively unheard of which is testament to the power and violence this nasty critter was packing.
Research seems to show that the wild weather we are currently experiencing is due to the overlay of  the current La Nina on top of an Interdecadal La Nina , therefore all of the present la Ninas symptoms are being magnified, Floods in Southern Hemi, Freeze outs in the Northern Hemi

And to add insult to injury, greedy TC Yasi was in such a rush to get to our Bananas and Sugar that the silly thing didnt even slow down at sea long enough to generate a decent swell.  Madpirate labels this Monster TC a complete failure, causing a number of deaths, decimating Idyllic seaside communities,  destroying crops, homes, infrastructure, causing huge economic damage, and yet for all that not one upside at all, not even a usable uptick in swell sizes..

Expect more weirdness as we experience the final years of High Solar maximums, and start rugging up, as we head to the next Lower Solar maximum in 2013, and then drift down to a 2030’ish s0lar (possible maunder type  ) minimum inspired cold spell, similar in intensity to the Big Cold of the 1600’s