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Been a long time between missives me hearties, Madpirate has been through some pretty lean times, all work and no play, with the ocean serving up pancakes and furrows instead of lumps.

At last the drought started to break and Madpirate, fixed his trusty wave lance ( distracted by phone call during packing away after a surf, left the trusty wavekilling implement behind Madpirates surf wagon, leading to the horrifying “”CRUNCHING”” sound that a freshly reversed over surfboard emits.. Amid much sulking and attempted rending of hair (chrome domes apparently being rend proof) Madpirate settled for extended gnashing of his tooth, and slid the wounded carcass into its carrier sling. Apparently even Huey was upset at the loss of the wavelance and proceeded to hold back all waves until Madpirate repaired his lance, which period extended to nigh on 3 months.

And so it came to pass that Madpirate found himself with not much to do on a Saturday arvo, and whilst rummaging about in the shed, espied resin, hardener and a set of fin plugs, this resulted in the AHA moment, and Madpirate set about the task of repairing the lance, fortunately this consisted of only  having to replace a plug each on the two right side fins of the trusty quad finned wave killer, and whilst he was at it Madpirate also fixed up the tip of the wave lances nose which had broken off about 2 cms, this was done by a cunningly shaped tin foil funnel, filled with resin and chop strand, and then sanded into a nice sharp point, at the time Madpirate had the idea that that point should be rounded off a tad, but decided that was a chore for another day.

Hallelujah, the very next week Huey arose from his slumbers and started pushing ever increasing swells down to the Sunshine Coast, and Madpirate was there early every morning doing his salty dance, accompanied by a few humans, a pair of cormorants and Myrtle and the turtle family, and it was good, after 8 days of good lil waves we started to get an increase and on the Friday 8th of October, a fantastic day of solid surf was enjoyed by all, including the spectacular very close swim by of a pod of whales, all was good in the land and Madpirate was indeed a stoked waterman.

Saturday the 9th and the surf was big and lumpy, with very few hardy souls out Point Cartwright, most choosing the sheltered and crowded bays of Noosa, nevertheless 3 hours of good surf later,  Madpirate was looking for his last wave when in, a solid bomb set appeared and Madpirate, paddling for all his weary arms were worth, was into a very late vertical drop take off, Madpirate found himself getting smashed by the lip and ragdolled in the foam, somewhere in all that craziness, Madpirates calf and the nose of his trusty wavelance attempted the virtually impossible task of simultaneously and harmlessly occupying the same space,  Madpirate felt the thump and upon surfacing and climbing onto his wave lance was amazed to see a jet of blood squirting out of a sizeable bone deep hole in his now aching calf , Madpirate immediately headed to shore, as bleeding like a stuck pig in an ocean full of lawyer fish is hardly recommended.

Short story Madpirate had to sit out the rest of the next weeks surf and sits here on a dry Sunday, with a leg that is still not entirely healed, and an ocean that again resembles a pan cake.


And it was good 🙂