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Long time update, having just survived the “Endless Bummer”, we have had some pretty good surf these last 3 weeks.
For starters Noosa Heads at the boiling pot was really good, Madpirate scooted in for a mid-morning session and was blessed with some overhead zippers screeching along an almost perfect sandbank setup. MadPirate was most stoked to be in something with a pulse and even the notorious Noosa sweep was a fair toll to pay for 300m plus rides.

On to Mudjimba island, on Saturday, with the gorgeous Piratequeen chilled on the beach Madpirate paddled out the 1.3kms to the Island getting into some awesome double overhead drops on the right at the Island, and on a few waves making it through the inside ledge, including one truly gut wrenching backdoor pit, that had the Madpirate gasping and desperately wishing he had a change of undies with him 🙂

This Friday after a few average days Point Cartwright came on, not at its best, the banks are still a bit soft betwenn the reefs , however a bit of size with a touch of power had the crew frothing again.

/rant on
Madpirate is happy to note that with a bit of size the Dreaded Talentless Sea Sweepers (aka Stand Up Paddleboarders) were nowhere to be seen. What a terrible way to hide a lack of talent, Madpirate gives all stand up paddleboarders a pinkie wiggle, and wonders whether Big Boards are also a compensation for “tackle”
/rant off.

Back to friday and the bad feet, on Madpirates last wave on Friday a rather nasty incident occured where Madpirate hooked a top turn as the wave ledged out on the very shallow inside reef ledge, madpirate free fell onto his board and turned an ankle so Madpirate writes from the lounge with a rather swollen ankle. A bit bummed as Carties was looking pretty good this morning, still Madpirate has been able to watch the Burleigh Breaka pro contest, and is happy that his Fantasy Surfing team is doing OK

Woohoo more Neurofen Gel and a fresh bandage and the Madpirate will be hobbling along at high speed in no time.