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Wooohoo, Okay so its been ages since the madpirate strapped himself into his scripting saddle and updated the void with his daring deeds of jiggerypokery and rapscallionery.

Madpirate has been wildly juggling many work hats, often with more balls in the air than a team of cirque de soliel juggularatorizers.

Brief summary, Selling off end run of Pool watcher swimming pool alarms, pre Xmas rush of Granite benchtop installations, started Courier work and  website, somehere in all that the Madpirate found time to have fun with the ever gorgeous Piratequeen

Madpirate and the Piratequeen went off to Woodford and camped in the trusty Mitsubishi surf wagon for New Years we had a most fun time, though energy seemed a bit low, due in no doubt to the hectic year we and most other people had just been through . Still a great  few days fun was had and an added bonus, we were guided to some good food and a few gigs by our young Goddess-in-training and her friends.

Weirdest thing we did was a show called the Amazing Drumming Monkeys, which turned out to be a puppet show for pre school to year 3 children, heheh twas indeed amusing though above our heads.

Madpirate and Piratequeen also time watching movies, most noteworthy of which were Avatar, Invictus and District 9 a brief summary of my impressions follow:

Avatar, hop hop bounce bounce, froth clang bang wow whoosh, yes its every bit as good as its hype with a multidimensional message and 3 dimensional delivery, awesome enough that we saw it twice in the space of a week, enough words have been written on this one that I can walk away..

District 9, a very clever play on the current xenophobic situation happening in SA’s  Townships, A strange film also with a multi dimensional set of messages and an unusual method of delivery.

Invictus, a most absorbing film with Morgan Freeman’s almost perfect portrayal of Madiba, another one which has a great message and portrayal of hope and greatness well worth a watch. Matt Damon not too bad as  Francois either..

On the surfing front, Madpirate and indeed the entire Sunshine Coast has been severly short changed in what has been coined “The Endless Bummer” by coastalwatch. Nothing overhead for ages.. And even the cyclones keep popping up and then backing off before they can produce a wave  oh well….. Sooner or later it has to pop