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Mad Pirates Log Tuesday 15.

Mad Pirate lurked past Mudjimba island again on Tuesday, after scooting into the car park and grabbing a “rock star” parking in his newly acquired  Mitsubishi Surfwagon, Madpirate was greatly pleased to see lines of swell wrapping around the left shore of Mudjimba Island. That could only mean one thing, the rights at Mujimba were firing, 2 boats and a jet ski at anchor, had the  Mad Pirate paddling like a madpirate?

20 Minutes later Madpirate was into a cracker right, bottom turn screaming inches past the dreaded rock head that pops up waiting to gobble the unwary,  and off down line weaving little off the tops and roundhouse cutbacks. Madpirate got talking to a few of the fellowsurfpirates and in conversation hooked up a lift back to shore with “Pirate Stitch and crew” abourd their trusty ski boat, ah not only did the Madpirate have a great 2-1/2  hour surf before the tide came in too far, he subverted Shark Alley on the return and scored a nice cold beer out of Stitch’s Eskibox


And indeed it WAS GOOD