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Mapirate can not believe how fast time has flown past, the las 2 weeks has flitterskitted by in the wink of an eye, wow, moving and packing travelling and transferring, deorganising  reorganising its been a hectic run and its now almost done, we have a few parts of our universe still packed away and awaiting placement in their correct orbits,  GASP!!!!!

Lovely lazy Sunday morning, the ‘Bokke whipped the Ozzies at rugby last night, Madpirate was in snuggle mode with the PirateQueen at about 07h10 when he was ordered to take the morning off and go Surfing (dang I love that chick)  The next 20 minutes were a blur of activity as the Madpirate went into ManMultitaskingMode, the bit where many things are done simultaneously and none of them include talking on a telephone (hehe yes cheeky I cant help myself   : )   ). Madpirate flicksplittered outside ,unpacked the trusty CRV , floated into kitchen put Toast in the toaster, bacon in the sandwich maker, eggs in the frypan, kettle on, hopskipped upstairs called his Gorgeous Pirate queen down to eat with him, (she is still untrained in the arts of brekki in bed, but there is time for this)  While the Queen was on her way down to Brekki the Madpirate speed floated out and unpacked the rest of the trailer, unhitched it, loaded the CRV with Surfboard (his trusty 6’3″ laser bat quad) and was back inside to plate, serve and enjoy a perfectly cooked brekki with a perfectly wonderful PirateQueen for company.

Madpirate then set his TomTom co-ordinates for point Cartwright where some perfect lil high tide 3 footers were slabbing on the usually exposed rock shelf, from there they were zipperpopping along the ledge line making for some great whackable lip sections and short cover up sections it was most excellent and Madpirate proceeded to shred his way through a bunch of goodly waves for the next 3 hours. Ahh the glory of resetting the correct mixture of blood and salt water in the Madpirates vascular system was most rejuvenating , and the Madpirate was filled with love for the Universe, the ocean and the PirateQueen for having had such a great idea

And It Was GOOD

Madpirate at Carties