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What a day, Madpirate had a simple mission for the day, go to Brisbane for a medical check up.. Easy as huh?   guess again, the Madpirate flair for craziness strikes again.

Morning all disjointed and totally entangled with surprises and distractions at regular intervals, not even a short chat with the Pirate Queen was unhindered, and a 5 minute discussion stretched to the limit as wave after wave of distraction cut into the Pirate Queens attempt to describe the mornings events to her MadPirate, mm good Queen, she didn’t spit her dummy and demand that heads be unbodied nor any bodies be beheaded either.

Watching the time shrinking to nothing Madpirate called the Medical Center to advise them he would be a bit late, to be told indeed he shall be late, as his appt was an hour ago, this would not seem so dire were it not for the fact that the Madpirate is an hour and a half drive ( at sheep speed) away from the Centre, short story, the Madpirate drove like a proper person should, IE. South African style, yeeehaaa, the Madpirates Land Schooner was most impressed to have very high kmh winds billowing past her sails, all the while Madpirates eyes were peeled for signs of porcine radar wavers, those despicable despoilers of the fair speeds that Pirates, Mad or otherwise, are so fond of attaining and maintaining.

Mad pirate arrived at the medical processing plant with no minutes to spare and was promptly photographed, bled, urine tested, eyesight tested, Xrayed, weighed, measured and inspected in about 30 minutes, madpirate is certain that this is a record for himself and must definately be one for the fantastic people he dealt with at the HSA in Brisbane. A madpirate wave, bottle of Rum and a large RRRRRRRRR!!!!! to the staff on duty , for making an otherwise stressful event such a pleasure..

Madpirate is now ready to take his sleep  and is happy to know that only 2 sleeps remain before he and the Pirate Queen are joined as one at the alter

And it is Good