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Madpirate was having an above average day, looking to the afternoon part of it where the suitfitting would be taking place, a quick scoping of a Plan B location, as there seems to be some ungroovy rather gloomy weather lurking in the wings, and madpirate and the Pirate Queen might not have seasand under their bratfeet, nor an open sky above their heads.

Phew much sweat was upon this brow, the sight of the long range weather maps for the nuptial weekend is not a good one, ( some clarity here, the internal surferness of the Madpirate claims), its not conducive to outdoor weddings  or any other outdoor activities that eschew wetness. Some recce work was hastily convened and the Piratepair found an octagonal lapa type thingy with a watery view and across the road from the reception area.

Madpirate has found, fitted and test worn the suit and is happy it all fits well and looks fine.

At this point the Madpirates universe is a dazzling popblast of activity, everything and anything wants to happen, either not at all, or all at once, fluidity and precarious balance are being overload tested, the Madpirates melon is starting to cavitate and resonate, feels like it should look like a wobbleboardbeing played. Wooohooooo

Meanwhile this is the the MadPirates last single Tuesday

And it is good